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Combining Smart IoT and AI technologies, Enercamp provides a smart life regardless of the location. We offer right energy solutions just for you to make your like much smarter and much more energized whether you are walking, riding public transportation, or going on camping, or even resting at your home.



Can you imagine a life without electricity or communications? ENERCAMP E-Series helps you powered up all the time specially while you are outside home, or enjoying your leisure in remote areas, or even at your home when your source of power is lost due to various reasons such as black out and emergency situations.Enjoy a smarter and safer life wherever you are.

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Jump & Go

Motor vehicle became a part of lifestyle for people living in 21st century. With drone battery technologies that produces an output with a maximum of 180 times greater than ordinary battery capacity within just 0.2 seconds, battery discharge, which may occur due to long-term parking or cold weather, and the subsequent shortening of the battery’s life expectancy can be prevented

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KSM Series

Keep your car up and running without ZERO downtime with Enercamp’s smart battery that marks No. 1 in sales among all vehicle battery chargers in Korea.

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