Enercamp to provide EV Emergency Charging Service throughout Daegu by the end of January next year

17 Nov 2022

Enercamp-Daegu Public Facility Management Corporation, agreed on the provision of Emergency Charging Services

EV Charging Service throughout for Daegu citizens by the end of January next year

CEO Jung-sub Choi, "We will create an environment for convenient and safe uses of EVs."

Enercamp, a company specializing in EV Charging Infra, announced on the 27th that it will provide Emergency Charging Service for EVs throughout Daegu for three months from next month to the end of January next year.

Enercamp and Daegu Public Facility Management Corporation recently signed a business agreement with such information. The two cooperate to build EV Charging Infra in Daegu and expand and promote Emergency Charging Service, and conduct Emergency Charging Service for EVs in Daegu during the period.

This service will be promoted as a 'public innovation device support program' of the 'Open Innovation Digital Open Lab Construction Project' promoted by the Ministry of Science and ICT and Daegu City in 2021. With the support of Daegu Techno Park, the publicity and reliability of the service were verified in advance.

Daegu City and Enercamp expect that the EV Emergency Charging Service will minimize inconvenience for citizens with the visiting charging service by building a charging network to match the reputation of Daegu, the city with the No. 1 EV penetration rate.

Through this service, citizens who have difficulty in driving with less than 10% of EV battery or who are unable to charge due to a malfunction of the charging device can receive service by applying through the ENERCAMP customer center and website.

Jung-sub Choi, CEO of Enercamp, said, "We started our business in 2017 and have grown into the No. 1 company in Korea for EV Battery Charging Devices and Emergency Battery Packs. Through this service, we will create an environment where citizens can drive EVs more conveniently and safely without charging inconvenience."

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