Can it also jump start a motorcycle?
If it uses a 12V battery to be started, whether it is a motorcycle or a passenger car, you may use this product. Please check the specifications of the displacement volume.
It says 11.1V 2,500mAh on the back of the product but isn’t the capacity 7,500mAh?
A J06C product has three 3.7V 2,500mAh battery cells connected in a series.
This is the correct battery capacity written in accordance to the Product Specification Display Act so please do not misunderstand.
If I exceed the allowable vehicle displacement volume for a jump start, will it be impossible to jump start the car?
The current that helps jump start a car varies from one product to another, which is why we provide a guide for the vehicles that can be jump started based on their displacement volumes and we recommend that you use a product that suits your vehicle.

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